Memorable approaches to make learning stick

Actions that can be put into practice straight away

When it comes to helping your leaders embed what they’ve covered on the training, we make sure they come away with real actions they can put straight to work. If your staff come on our training:

They have chance to share experiences with others in the session. This helps spread best practice
They use reflection logs in sessions to encourage them think over what they’ve learned and highlight how to put this into practice
They work with peers to help them identify exactly what they’re going to do differently, and how they will do it
They get time at the end of each session to consider specific actions and work out how to use new tools, techniques and ideas
This kind of practical focus is part-and-parcel of the way we work. And you can choose to reinforce learning even more…

A practical approach

Alongside purposeful group activities, participants discuss best practice, swap expertise and share ideas with each other. Working on practical, creative exercises throughout the day ensures that Formation’s training engages all learning styles. It means that new knowledge ‘sticks.’ Leaders are encouraged to think differently. To try new things. The training methods we use help people learn more effectively. Sessions are active and participative, helping make key messages memorable.

Additional support for reinforcing learning and prompting action

As well as training sessions, you can choose to have us facilitate group Action Learning Sets to support your staff in making changes. Action Learning brings small groups of participants together to work on real challenges. The focus is partly on taking action, and partly on learning (about the situation and leadership behaviour). This dynamic process uses the creativity of a group to come up with new solutions to real challenges and to put learning from training into practice. Sessions are usually scheduled after or in between training.

You can ask us to provide individual coaching sessions to support your staff in developing new skills. The focus of coaching is on helping staff to develop new habits, think through new strategies and make changes to how they do things. You can choose from single coaching sessions to ‘kick start’ action following training, or have a series of sessions running alongside a training programme.

“Will definitely tackle a few issues that I’ve put off, I feel I now have the appropriate tools to aid this process.”