Participative training methods and inspiring creative tools

A creative approach that engages your staff

Our focus is on learning techniques that surprise and engage learners. Our trainers encourage participants to rethink things. To explore new behaviour that will impact on their work, on their team and on the organisation as a whole. Whether using storyboarding, making models, purposefully playing with props or encouraging drawing, our creative techniques help people begin to see things in a new way – to approach new challenges afresh.

It’s a creative approach with a pragmatic focus. We’ve found that this approach helps increase participants’ confidence to try new things. This approach inspires change. It encourages people to think and do things differently. The results can be very rewarding. The effects trickle down from leaders to their teams. Everyone benefits.

“The programme has been a phenomenal experience and given me many tools and techniques to use with my team.”

Clients tell us that as well as improving leadership skills and knowledge, Formation’s training:

inspires leaders to try new ways of working
improves relationships between colleagues
gives leaders time to step back, reflect and work together

Fresh thinking for every leader

You can invigorate the way your staff and managers work, individually and together. Help them develop a more collaborative approach and find new ways of working together to tackle tricky issues.