Encouraging and supporting the managers and leaders of tomorrow

Inspirational career development

Looking for a short programme that introduces aspiring managers to the fundamentals of management? Our dynamic sessions ensure that your aspiring managers’ first introduction to management techniques is exciting and inspirational. We’ve worked with middle leaders aspiring to senior leadership, as well as those seeking their first line management position – participants have included teachers, Early Years practitioners and support staff.

“A very relaxed and engaging programme, delivered with enthusiasm and insurmountable knowledge. Really enjoyed it – different to any other training sessions I’ve ever been on. Thank you.”
– Aspiring manager

Dynamic content that engages and inspires

Content on past development programmes for aspiring managers has included:

Developing effective communication skills as a manager
Exploring the skills and competencies needed to manage others
Understanding management styles and how these affect teams
Balancing supporting people and achieving targets
Understanding the purpose and process of delegating
Effective communication with colleagues
The dynamics of working with groups
Listening, questioning and feedback skills
Managing people assertively
The essential functions of a team leader