Helping leaders get the job done to meet the needs of their teams

Real Life Leadership

The United Nations is just one of the many organisations to use John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership™ (ACL) model to develop their leadership capability and management skills. Our lead trainer, Amanda Pearce-Burton, is one of just over 150 people world-wide, accredited by Adair International to use the Action Centred Leadership Model. The ACL approach acknowledges the challenge that leaders face juggling achieving the task, whilst simultaneously supporting individuals and developing team coherence. We lead participants through a practical framework that builds their proficiency in all three areas.

Help your leaders balance different needs

In fast paced sessions, using hands-on activities, participants get the opportunity to consider their response to different scenarios. They explore the skills they need to deal with real life leadership situations, and learn how to balance different needs when leading a team. We deliver practical programmes using Adair’s approach. Sessions can last as little as one day up to three days. The ACL approach can also be included as part of a broader leadership programme.

“I was very impressed with this as the most engaging training I’ve been on for a good while.”